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To edit hosts file in Windows 10, you need to run Notepad as Administrator. To do that, using your windows search icon in the taskbar in windows 10, in windows 7, click start / and type in search box: notepad. In windows 8 and windows 8.1, at the metro screen, enter notepad in search box (up top right conner).
a notepad.exe will show up, right click on that notepad.exe icon and choose Run as Administrator. It will ask you to accept permission, click yes to accept.

Run notepad as administrator

Run notepad as administrator

A new Untitled Notepad window will open, click File/ Open. Navigate in Lookup to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc (All windows) if your windir is locate other than C, then change it depend yours. Make sure you show All files in below picture.
Click into hosts file and Open.

How to edit hosts file in Windows

How to edit hosts file in Windows

A host file window will open, change it as you want (in my case, i have change my domain to host at new host IP is
After you’ve done editing, click File/ Save.

How to edit hosts file in Windows

How to edit hosts file in Windows

Close that Notepad Window, Clear DNS cache by open Command Prompt as Administrator, then run command: ipconfig /flushdns
(Some time, after clear DNS cache, you have to restart your computer to take effect)
Open your web browser and go to the domain you change (mine is to see if it showing new host content or not.

Download windows host file example:


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