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CAPTCHA is a simple test to determine if a user is a computer or a human. It is used to prevent spam abuse on the websites. So if you use CAPTCHA on your web site forms, this can help in stopping some bots and making life harder for other bots in accessing or using your forms.In brief the CAPTCHA protection works by generating a random string, writing it to an image, then storing the string inside of a session or by some other method. This is then checked when the form is submitted.

We need 4 files

ajax_captcha.js // This file process ajax post for form.
captcha.php // This will check if captcha submited is valid or not
create_image.php // This file will creat an image from session string
index.php // This is demo file, will show a captcha image and form to test


So, here we go:

1, ajax_captcha.js

2, captcha.php

3, create_image.php

4, index.php


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