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When I import MTS video files into Premiere, the audio will not play and does not show up in the audio line of the timeline. When your import MTS file to  Adobe Premiere CC, you get this error: “MTS files cannot import.”? Or MTS files not importing in Premiere CC? Or you can import but there is no sound?

How to fix error: “MTS files not importing in Adobe Premiere CC “?

Calm down, Bien Thuy will help you. First, please go to Task Manager on your Operating System (CTRL+SHIFT KEY+Esc), in processes tab check the box which says “show all processes from users” . Once done close all the processes of Adobe found in processes tab.

After this please go to documents folder and rename Adobe folder(s) as Old_Adobe
Then Click on start button and in Search program and files box type %appdata%, this will take you to Roaming folder. In this rename the Adobe folder as old_Adobe. Close all running programs. Restart your machine. Launch Premiere Pro again and wow, import your MTS file now. That’s it, you will never see any error like: “MTS files cannot import”.

If all of above guide not work, please consider to reinstall Adobe Premiere CC.

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Last updated on April 26th, 2020 at 11:42 am

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