Fancy tooltips with an “arrow” pointer are commonly found in desktop applications. Well, now you can add a similarly looking tooltip to your webpage. Works in IE4+, NS6+, Firefox 3+, Safari, and Opera 7+. Note that the pointer image disappears if the tooltip is too close to the edges of the browser window.

Step 1: Insert the following stylesheet into the <head> section of your page:

Step 2: Insert the below code into the <body> section of your page, outside any other tags, especially relatively or absolutely positioned elements:


Step 3: The script uses a pointer image. Download the below:

DHTML Tooltips Arrow2 (right click image, and select “Save As”).

Note that you can use your own custom image in place of the above if you wish.
Step 4: Finally, add the following inside any link or element that will contain a tooltip:

Example:  Link: A Href Tag

In DIV tag:


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