PHP Images Hosting Script is a free PHP Upload Script that allow you to host and share your own images throught your own site. This is very simple script with PHP – Ajax Upload web base. You can set limit of file size, file type… No registration required. And no limit of storage. Just upload our PHP Images Hosting Script to your host and run it.
This is how to Install:
Upload images-hosting-script into your webhost. Change the setting in file config.php to your need. Note these line should be change:
Change it to your site url.

$siteurl = "";

Change it to your need:

// Site Title
$title = "Bien Thuy - Images Hosting Script";
// Site Slogan
$slogan = "Images Hosting Free Forever";

Change it to limit size of images. If you would like to change it to 10Mb so, it should like this:

// 1024*1024*2 is 2MB and so on
$maxsize = 1024*1024*10;  /// This is limit to 10Mb

Save it and run:


Upload your images/photos to our free image hosting servers and share them with your friends, family,and collegues.
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Download PHP Images Hosting Script:

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